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Website last updated 20 June 21

Current total raised for charity = £81,105
(Split between RABI and Ovarian Cancer Action)
(as at 6 Jun 21)


British Blue Border Club Spring Show & Sale

Saturday 15th May 2021 – Carlisle

We had a great time in Carlisle meeting with some lovely friends old and new.

Old Stackyard Omar was sold for £5000

Old Stackyard Oswald sold for £3000

Old Stackyard Penny going for £1600

We hope they have a happy healthy life with their new owners.

Charity Update May 2021 

Since establishing in 2016 with 3 cows and 5 maiden heifers to date. There have been 3 caesareans on 3 maiden heifers but unfortunately 4 more have been backwards but otherwise all well.

This year there have been 8 calves and 7 more to come – a good year so far! All services are AI – no embryo transfer or flushing – the aim is a calf every year.

This is a totally closed herd since 2016 and have tested clear for Neospora.

Shearwells kindly continued to support us by providing ear tags and a lovely banner for the Carlisle May sale.


During the tax year 5 April 2020 to 5 April 2021 cattle sales have amounted to £29,600.

Aspirations for 2021  (COVID and weather dependent

4th July 2021– Open Garden 10am till 5pm - £5 - Cold refreshments and Cakes - All proceeds to Ovarian Cancer Action

1st week in September to cheer the farmers up (as No Royal Welsh Show) – Open Garden and Farm (food, entertainment, and cattle)
Further Update 10 May 21
We have now been awarded a 'Gold Status' Certificate of Gwaredu BVD status by Animal Health and Welfare Wales 

Certificate of Accredited Status





A Small Initiative with a

Big Ambition to fulfil a Dream

This is a charity project now into its fifth year and progressing over and above expectations. This is an honest dream of Mr Richard Emyr Wigley in memory of his wife Mrs Dilys Evelyn Wigley to support deprived farmers, a cancer charity and a public awareness campaign to educate about ovarian cancer.

My name is Emyr Wigley and I established Old Stackyard British Blues in 2016 as a charity in memory of my dear late wife Dilys Evelyn Wigley.  It is intended to raise money to support Ovarian Cancer Action research and the Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution.



Evelyn and I built up a dairy herd with hard work and long hours.  We also had a small group of "Blues".  We managed to be successful only by hard work and much self sacrifice, with the business needs always coming first.  Sound management of the business as a whole was essential, and as I have always said my wife Evelyn was the "Financial Director"

Our plans for travel, our caravan holidays, and walking in the beautiful British countryside, loved by us both were put on hold until our retirement.  It was a devastating blow to learn in the first few years of our retirement, that Evelyn had ovarian cancer.  She was a very special lady, kind, caring and multi-talented and after a lifetime of work the majority of her retirement years were stolen from her.  Whilst tragically too late to help my dear Evelyn, I had to do something to help combat this evil disease, and be a tribute to my wife.

I decided therefore to establish this small breeding herd of British Blues, to make money for Ovarian Cancer Action and the Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution, as we had a long-term connection with farming.

We had sold our farm, and built a house for our retirement, but we had kept some land, so one of the essentials was still there.  I had to start again as regards buildings, equipment, fences and the purchase of pedigree livestock.  As a result the herd is accommodated in a new purpose built housing unit with yardage adjacent to grassland paddocks, for managed handling and grazing.  Because of their value  a CCTV security system has been set up, along with bio-security TB prevention, badger-proof fencing etc.

As these animals breed and grow, and are eventually sold, this will hopefully produce the funds for charity; and keep me busy!

I have to pay tribute  to the family, friends, individuals, businesses, contractors and companies who have helped me in so many different ways in the establishment of the charity.  So much assistance has been given, from hours of work, to donations of necessary equipment, and substantial discounts on buildings, equipment, services etc, for which I will always be grateful.

The herd is bred to AI, is Level 1 Herd Health, totally closed. Double fenced with badger proof wire on the inside.


Latest excellent sale result report from Shrewsbury Auction Centre

Pedigree Blue Genes success at Shrewsbury 6 Mar 2021

On Saturday 6th March 2021 the 2nd annual Blue Genes sale took place at Shrewsbury Auction Centre, in conjunction with the British Blue Cattle Society. For the first time this sale provided an online bidding option through the Marteye – A pair at 4000gns from RE Wigley & Old Stackyard Blues, it is truly amazing charitable work being done by Mr Emyr Wigley with all sale proceeds from his Blue going to two very worthy causes in RABI & Ovarian Cancer Action, Old Stackyard Blue Otto sold to C & FM Percival, Derbyshire & Old Stackyard Blue Ottslee was purchased by Probert & Probert, Powys.

IMG_2886 version 2JPG


New Additons 2021

Ralph  - Born 2 May 21 – Black and White Bull Calf – Sire: New Close Colonel -  Dam: Old Stackyard Olive

Ronni – Born 21 Apr 21 - Sire: Almeley Wellington -  Dam: Stonebyres Erica

Rambo White Bull - Born 6 Apr 21 – Sire: Kelowna Jimbo - Dam: Stonebyres Ivory

Ruben – Blue and White Bull – Born 30 Mar 21 – Sire: Almeley Wellington – Dam: Stonebyres June

Rosie – Dark Blue Roan Female Calf – Born 24 Mar 21 – Sire: Almeley Wellington – Dam: Graystone Khandy

Reve – White Female Calf – Born 4 Feb 21 – Sire: Kelowna Jimbo – Dam: Stonebyres Heidi

Pedro – Black and White Bull – Born 16 Dec 20 – Sire: Almeley Wellington – Dam: Pendle KoKo

Pearl Black and White Heifer - Born  18 Aug 20 - Sire:  New Close Colonel  - Dam: Stonebyres Kendra

Petal – Dark Blue Roan Heifer – Born 14 July 20 – Sire: New Close Colonel – Dam: Stonebyres Lola

Probert – Black Bull – Born 9 May 20 – Sire: Almeley Wellington – Dam: Stonebyres Erica

Panache – Black and White Bull – Born 7 May 20 – Sire: New Close Colonel – Dam: Stonebyres Lizzie

Peggy – Black and White Heifer – Born 29 Apr 20 – Sire: Kelowna Jimbo – Dam: Stonebyres June

Olive – Black and White Heifer – Born 17 Apr 19 – Sire: Kersey Ebony – Dam: Stonebyres June

Oeve – White Heifer – Born 25 Feb 19 – Sire: Newton Blues Kracker – Dam: Stonebyres Ivory

Naomi – Black Cow – Born 7 May 18 – Sire: New Close Colonel – Dam: Stonebyres Erica

Stonebyres Lizzie – Black and White Cow - Born 6 Feb 16 – Sire: Norbreck Black Beauty – Dam: Stonebyres Heidi

Goodyhills Lulu – Black and White CowBorn 3 Apr 16 – Sire: Stonebyres Hartley – Dam: Knells Gaga

Stonebyres Lola – Blue and White Cow – Born 1 May 16 – Sire: Tamhorn Enterprising – Dam: Stonebyres Erica

Pendle Ko Ko – Black and White Cow – Born 15 Apr 15 – Sire: Blue Stone Union Jack – Dam: Pendle Fern

Stonebyres Kendra – Black with Little White Cow – Born 24 Mar 15 – Sire: Tamhorn Enterprising – Dam: Stonebyres Erica

Stonebyres Kylie – Black and White Cow – Born 10 Jan 15 – Sire: Tamhorn Enterprising – Dam: Stonebyres Gem

Stonebyres June – Blue and White Cow – Born 2 Jun 14 – Sire: Tamhorn Sumo – Dam: Tamhorn Goodtimegirl

Stonebyres Ivory – White Cow – Born 5 Dec 13 – Sire: Tamhorn Enterprising – Dam: Stonebyres Crystal