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Old  Stackyard Ned

(Level 1 Herd Health)

Naturally born 28th January 2018

out of Stonebyers Heidi

by Kelona Ferdinand

Semen tested, one cow scanned in calf, suitable for beef or dairy, very quiet.

Mother calved naturally 5 times and is due in February with sixth.

All proceeds will be divided equally between the 2 charities Ovarian Cancer Action & Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution.

Call me, Emyr Wigley on 079 719 49882



(Since newly formed in 2016)



for sale


Carlisle on 17th May 2019

2 Bulls and 7 Heifers

1 Bull (Old Stackyard Max) and 7 Females (of the Old Stackyard progeny) were sold with a top price of £4000. The mean age for the 8 animals was 12½ months, and the average price per head was £1900. Down £800 on last year. Reflecting, perhaps the uncertainty of Brexit and the after effects of last year’s drought, and pressure on capital.

£4000 has been divided between 2 Charities

1 Bull (Old Stackyard Ned) was brought to the ring unsold and will be kept until next spring (proceeds to be divided between 2 charities). 

The most pleasing part of the event was to take 9 animals to the sale (having only kept one animal from those born in 2017/2018 as herd replacement) all passing inspection, and meeting acquaintances, old and new.

For a Review of the foregoing sale entries see below under the heading "ACTION 2019" below



Mon 25th Feb Stonebyers Ivory produced a white heifer calf

by Newton Blues Cracker called Old Stackyard Oeve naturally born 48Kilos

Oeve 2jpg

Tues 26th Feb Greystone Khandy produced a blue bull calf

by Newton Blues Cracker called Old Stackyard Otto naturally born although breech 47.8kilos


Wed 27th Feb Stonebyers Heidi produced a white and black bull calf

by Boherard Cantona called Old stackyard Ottslee naturally born 47.9Kilos



Wed 17th Apr Stonebyers June produced a black and white heifer calf

by Kersey Ebony called Old Stackyard Olive naturally born 53.5killos

Olive 2jpg


Sun 5 May Stonebyers Lizzie produced a blue and white heifer calf

by Newton Blues Cracker called Old Stackyard Ono naturally born 44Kilos

Ono 44kilos 2019 Calve Crop photographs as of 14 July 2jpg


Fri 10 May Stonbyers Erica produced a blue and white bull calf

by Stonebyers Hartley called Old Stackyard Oliver naturally born 47kilos

Oliver naturally born 10 May out of Erica by Stonebyers Hartley 47kilos 2jpg


Old Stackyard Omar

(As taken 22 Dec 2019)

A bull calf by Boehard Cantona, black with some white, 

breach born Sun 23 June and weighing in at 47kilos 

out of Stonebyers Kylie (she having calved twice before unassisted)

Omar As taken 22 Dec 2019 2jpg


Sun 8 Sep Stonebyers Kendra produced a black and white heifer calf 

by Newclose Colonel called Old Stackyard Opal

naturally born although breeched 44.5Kilos

Opal naturally born altough breech 8 Sep out of Kendra by Newclose Colonel 445 Kilos 2jpg


Fri 6 Dec Pendle Koko produced a black and white bull calf 

by Newclose Colonel called Old Stackyard Oswald naturally born. 45kilo

Oswald 2jpg


Old Stackyard Blues:-

Ned, Naomi


(along with this years calving)


Erica, Heidi, Ivory, Lizzie

Lola, Kendra

Kylie and June









A Small Initiative

with a

Big Ambition

to fulfil a


 This is a charity project now into its third year and progressing over and above expectations. This is an honest dream of Mr Richard Emyr Wigley in memory of his wife Mrs Dilys Evelyn Wigley to support deprived farmers, a cancer charity and a public awareness campaign to educate about ovarian cancer.

My name is Emyr Wigley and I established Old Stackyard British Blues in 2016 as a charity in memory of my dear late wife Dilys Evelyn Wigley.  It is intended to raise money to support Ovarian Cancer Action research and the Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution.


Evelyn and I built up a dairy herd with hard work and long hours.  We also had a small group of "Blues".  We managed to be successful only by hard work and much self sacrifice, with the business needs always coming first.  Sound management of the business as a whole was essential, and as I have always said my wife Evelyn was the "Financial Director"

Our plans for travel, our caravan holidays, and walking in the beautiful British countryside, loved by us both were put on hold until our retirement.  It was a devastating blow to learn in the first few years of our retirement, that Evelyn had ovarian cancer.  She was a very special lady, kind, caring and multi-talented and after a lifetime of work the majority of her retirement years were stolen from her.  Whilst tragically too late to help my dear Evelyn, I had to do something to help combat this evil disease, and be a tribute to my wife.

I decided therefore to establish this small breeding herd of British Blues, to make money for Ovarian Cancer Action and the Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution, as we had a long-term connection with farming.

We had sold our farm, and built a house for our retirement, but we had kept some land, so one of the essentials was still there.  I had to start again as regards buildings, equipment , fences and the purchase of pedigree livestock.  As a result the herd is accommodated in a new purpose built housing unit with yardage adjacent to grassland paddocks, for managed handling and grazing.  Because of their value  a CCTV security system has been set up, along with bio-security TB prevention, badger-proof fencing etc.

As these animals breed and grow, and are eventually sold, this will hopefully produce the funds for charity; and keep me busy!

I have to pay tribute  to the family, friends, individuals, businesses, contractors and companies who have helped me in so many different ways in the establishment of the charity.  So much assistance has been given, from hours of work, to donations of necessary equipment, and substantial discounts on buildings, equipment, services etc, for which I will always be grateful.

A Charity Lunch

Was held on the 23rd July 2016

together with a Promise Auction and a Raffle 

A sum of 


was raised for Ovarian Cancer Action

An eventful Charity Open Farm Evening in

Memory of Evelyn 




Was held at Old Stackyard, Cefn-y-Coed 


SY22 6TB 

on Saturday 15th July 2017

In Aid 


Ovarian Cancer Action & Royal Agricultural 

Benevolent Institution

                                                                ovariancancerlogo_1jpg                                                    rabi_logo_1png

All-in-all a satisfactory outcome

with the final figure, including match funding from Barclays, in excess 





A Selection of Old Stackyard Progeny was offered for sale by

Harrison and Hetherington

at their British Blue Cattle Society Spring Show & Sale


19th May 2018  

My entries in aid of Old Stackyard Charity Blues raised more than £16,900 for my chosen two charities at the Society’s May sales fixture in Carlisle on the 19th May 2018 when I entered five heifers and a young bull.


These were the first registered progeny to be sold from my recently established Old Stackyard Blues herd here at Llansantffraid, Powys. The herd was established two years ago with the sole purpose of generating funds for Ovarian Cancer Action and RABI, my wife Evelyn having died from ovarian cancer.  

The top this year was 3,800gns (£3,990 with auctioneers’ commission thrown in). The January 2017 heifer Old Stackyard Blues Mono, which came second in class OF.11, is by the Empire D’Ochain son Boherard Cantona and out a Tamhorn Enterprising daughter, one of his foundation cows bought from the Stonebyres herd.

Three of the other heifers sold were by Kersey Geronimo and a fourth by Tamhorn Enterprising:-

Megan, Mary, Mia, Molly 

   ( Also sold from the foundation herd was Stonebyers Merlin)
Six Lots in all
I was delighted with the trade for stock at Carlisle and was also grateful to Harrison and Hetherington for contributing their commission to the cause. But the other thing that has been so pleasing about all of this has been the wonderful people it has brought me into contact with – people in the breed I had never known before. I am particularly grateful for those who helped and encouraged me, and supported me with this venture.  

BBCS secretary Andy Ryder said the Society was pleased to continue supporting Mr Wigley in his commendable initiative.     


On the

9th September 2018

I joined staff from Morgans of Oswestry

in a

Charity Walk to

Snowdon Summit


raise funds for


I was favoured with sponsorship monies of


Morgans of Oswestry raised




Evelyn’s Garden
to the public for the

At Old Stackyard
29th June 2019

Proceeds to Ovarian Cancer Action

It was a successful day at the open garden event on the 29th June.

The final result realised 


for Ovarian Cancer Action.  

 A big thank you to Llanrhaeadr Garden Club for their considerable help with teas etc and contribution of £250.

Evelyn’s Garden




A welcome start for the new year was to receive a one year clear TB test on the 5th of February

followed by a 60 Day pre-movement on the 9th April,

also the retention of Level 1 status under the Premium Cattle Health Scheme


of the
1 bull and 7 heifers auctioned at

Carlisle 17th May 2019 are as listed below

Naturally born and naturally reared. No special diets. Grass, good silage, good hay, and a standard rearing nut.

All cows served with AI 100% in calve last 3 years with a calving index just under 365 days.

To date 22 calves born alive.

P.S. I have 8acres badger proofed fenced where I graze and cut silage for the winter.

Hay and straw is purchased from Lincoln.

For more information ring Emyr on 079 719 49882

  Old Stackyard Max 

(naturally born 29th August 2017 out of Stonebyers Kylie by Kersey Geronimo).  


Old Stackyard Max 2jpg

Old Stackyard Nelly 

(naturally born 11th February 2018 out of Greystone Khandy by Kersey Ebony)

Nelly 2jpg

Old Stackyard Ness 

(naturally born 16th February 2018 out of Stonebyers Ivory by Kelona Jimbo)

Ness 2jpg

Old Stackyard Nora 

(born 27th April 2018 out of Goodyhills Lulu by Ferdinand)

Nora 3jpg

Old Stackyard Nia 

(naturally born 2nd May 2018 out of Stonebyers Lizzie by Ferdinand)

Old Stackyard Niajpg

Old Stackyard Nesta 

(naturally born 5th May 2018 out of Stonebyers June by Ferdinand

Nesta 2jpg

Old Stackyard Nevelyn

(out of Stonebyers Kendra by Cromwell Fendt on the 2nd August 2018. Presented backwards the birth was by C. Section whereas Kendra gave birth naturally as a heifer)

Old Stackyard Nevelynjpg

Old Stackyard Nikki

(naturally born 29th November 2018 (the last of the 2018 calving) out of Pendle Koko by Boehard Cantona

Old Stackyard Nikkijpg