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RABI News - Article  - Autumn/Winter Edition 2021
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A lovely email received from the CEO of Ovarian Cancer Action - Cary Wakefield - To be read out at the Open Garden/Farm event 4 Sep 21

Message for 4 September Open Farm Event

Hello everyone

I’m so sorry I’m not able to be with you all today and also to see how magnificent the garden is looking.

Even though I can’t be there in person I wanted to tell you how incredibly grateful I am for everything that Mr Wigley and his family do for Ovarian Cancer Action. Thanks to wonderful supporters like you, we are funding cutting edge scientific research in London, Oxford, Leeds and Glasgow.  

Nothing can take away the pain of losing a loved one to ovarian cancer, but at OCA we hope that the research you are helping to fund will lead to ovarian cancer becoming a survivable disease in the future.

I do hope you all have a fantastic time today and thanks again to Mr Wigley and his family for all your support for OCA.

I hope I can come and visit soon and say thank you personally.  

Cary Wakefield, Chief Executive, Ovarian Cancer Action

A lovely write up in the July 21 edition of the NFU Farming Wales magazine from RABI  – we are very grateful.
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